Welcome to the Cyber Warriors Multigaming Clan

Der Cyber Warriors Multigaming Clan ist eine seit September 2012 bestehende Gemeinschaft der eSport Szene. Mit weit über 100 Mitgliedern vertreten wir Battlefield 4, League of Legends und Counter Strike:Global Offensive auf drei verschiedenen Plattformen: der PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 und dem PC. Die Altersspanne in unserer Gemeinschaft reicht vom jüngsten Mitglied mit 15 Jahren bis zum ältesten Mitglied mit 48 Jahren.

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What do we offer?

Familiar environment

Through the amounth of members, fun evenings are guaranteed. We are not only a clan, we are a family. A safe heaven.

Career opportunities

As a member you will get an exclusive chance to be promoted. You can lead a section, organize game matches or even increase the community.


Be up to date! You will get all the latest news about the game scene. All the tips and tricks for your game, including exciting discussions with other members.


For high-quality communcations in and around the game, we offer you a TeamSpeak3 server on which you can talk with other clan members while playing a game. In addition, we also offer you game servers for a range of games.

..and much more!

  • On my first day I was a guest at a match. I got a good answer on every question, or tips without thinking that I am stupid. Besides no one confronted me with my KD or beginner mistakes. They make you feel comfortable quickly, which is especially important…

  • I haven't gotten to know everyone in the clan and I haven't been here for long, but the people I get to know were absolutely awesome! Well done to the admins for all the work you have done here and do for organizing and planning. It was the right decision to apply here.

  • I am a member for a week now and I just enjoy the league of legends section. I never was in a clan like this before, so I have no comparison. But: good work! I am pleased with every feature which the clan offers and which I tested.